Institute of Psychology

Staff of the Institute of Psychology

Main consultant:
Simon Meyerson BA (Hons) LL.B, MA (Clin Psych)

  • Was Senior Psychologist at the world-renowned Tavistock Clinic and Institute of Human Relations.
  • Senior and Top Grade Lecturer and Trainer in Leadership and Group Dynamics at London University (1970–1980).
  • Was a member of Winnicott’s legendary Supervision Group. Clinical Supervisor to NHS Senior Staff.
  • Works with CEOs and people in Entertainment Industry including Pop Bands.
  • Has excellent record of increase in goals and wins in his work with Premiership and Superleague teams.
  • Author of The Sixteen Laws of Team Supremacy and Zen and the Art of Brainstorming plus several plays, novels, textbooks and mini-books.
  • Co-founder of Centre for Dream Research with R D Laing in 1984.
  • Invited to present a paper on his work at an International Congress of Psychoanalysis first founded and chaired by Sigmund Freud in 1904.
  • Regular face on BBC, Sky, ITV CNN, etc.

Alma Thomas

  • Alma Thomas is regarded as one of the world’s finest Performance Enhancement Psychologists.
  • She has worked with the England Rugby League and Rugby Union teams.
  • She has been Performance Psychologist to British Athletic teams at three Olympic Games.
  • She also works in the U.S. at the New York Metropolitan Opera House where she helps elite performers (like Pavarotti) achieve their confident best.
  • Regarded as someone who not only ‘talks the talk’ but who has ‘walked the walk’ so that her reputation, integrity and energy usually by some kind of osmosis seems to kick-start ‘making things happen’.
  • Developed and delivered performance and personal development programmes for universities such as New York, Princeton, Maryland, Rutgers. Indiana.
  • Worked with BT, Rockwell, Barclays, IBM.