Institute of Psychology

Areas of Work


  • Individual, Couples, Family Therapy
  • Supervision Seminars and One-to-One
  • PTSD Therapy
  • Déjà vu Regression Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Re-enactment Therapy

Team Psychology and Group Dynamics

  • Team (eg Football) – At Football Club
  • Group Dynamics and Leadership Training (in-house or on going)
  • Corporate Dynamics, Leadership and Stress Reduction (at Corporate Premises)

Criminal Psychology

  • Criminal Profiling
  • Expert Consultations for Police and Media

Working with Dreams

(Centre for Dream Research. Co-founded with R.D. Laing in 1984)
  • Dream Interpretation Service
  • Dream Therapy – One-to-One or Group


  • Experiential Team, Group and Leadership Dynamics
  • Societal Dynamics

Manifesto Design

Thinking and Brainstorming Sessions on strategies for governments, councils and corporations. E.G. Possible marketing ideas for tax and education reforms or new systems for national and council taxes.